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Wound Care Services

Republic County Hospital offers specialized outpatient care for patients with chronic, non-healing wounds. These wounds have often been present for several weeks and show little or no sign of improvement with standard treatment.

Wound care services promote healing and also prevent infection & re-injury.

Our multidisciplinary approach to wound care has a history of proof-positive outcomes in the healing process. Depending on the type of wound and where it is located, different treatments or techniques may be used to help your body heal.

We work closely with the patient's primary care provider, ensuring that our wound care services are customized for each individual.

Wounds that may need specialized services include, but are not limited to:

Vascular leg ulcers
Diabetic foot ulcers
Pressure injuries
Burns and wounds resulting from radiation treatment
Infected wounds
Non-healing surgical wounds

If you are a candidate for these services, our certified wound team will work with you and your doctor to provide advanced therapies with proven clinical outcomes.

At Republic County Hospital your specialized wound care will also include patient and family education. We will provide instructions for your specific wound, such as:

Conventional and specialized therapies and dressing
Pressure relieving equipment
Negative Pressure Wound Vac Therapy
Management of topical medications
Provider-directed care to help identify all underlying disease factors
Specialized nutrition education by a Licensed Dietician/Certified Diabetic Educator

Non-healing wounds can adversely impact the quality of your life and may cause serious health consequences. The specialists of Republic County Hospital are here to help.

Please call 785-527-6024 for appointment information.
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