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Social Services

Republic County Hospital has a Social Services Manager, Karla Awalt, who is available to assist with social, psychological, cultural, and medical issues.

Karla is available to help patients fully utilize their medical care, services, and community resources by:

Assisting patients and members of the community in their Advance Care Planning.

Providing education and supportive assistance to the patient and their family.

Coordinating with the Discharge Planner for patient transfers to a variety of specialized settings, including rehabilitative or skilled nursing facilities.

Assisting the patient and their family with insurance resources, if necessary.

Providing information and guidance to develop Advance Care Planning. (link to information).

Supporting the patient and their family to manage chronic medical problems or potential crisis situations.

Karla is available for patients of Republic County Hospital and also offers services for community members. For information about receiving social services assistance please call 785-527-9171.
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