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Jorgensen Scholarship & Application

What is the Peter H. and Nellie T. Jorgensen Scholarship?

Peter H. and Nellie T. Jorgensen held a deep interest and love for the community of Belleville. They realized that good health care is a necessity if a community is to remain vital in serving its population. The Jorgensens both received excellent patient care at Republic County Hospital and left a bequest of $124,000 in 1988 in gratitude of the care they received and to show the love they had for the community.

Educational scholarships in Family Health Care are awarded each year by the Jorgensen Scholarship Committee, a standing committee of the North Central Kansas Health Care Foundation. This committee selects recipients from among applicants according to the criteria listed below:

Applicants must be majoring in some area of the family health care field

Applicants must furnish evidence of acceptance into their professional school or technical area of training (Pre-requisite courses are excluded for this scholarship).

Scholarship recipients must agree to serve in Republic County for a specified period of time after completing their course of study

The Jorgensen Committee meets on a quarterly basis on the second Wednesday of the months of January, April, July, and October at Republic County Hospital. Applications must be received no later than the first Wednesday of the month that meetings are held. All applicants will be interviewed by the committee during their regular meeting. The Jorgensen Committee will make a final decision of scholarship winners and the amount of each scholarship. Each scholarship winner will be notified by mail of the amount awarded and the required documentation needed in order to receive the funds.

For more information about the Peter H. and Nellie T. Jorgensen Scholarship, please contact Audrey Carlson at 785-527-6007.

Click here: Application for JORGENSEN Funds to download and print the Jorgensen Scholarship application.

Jorgensen Application:

Please submit the requested information in one of the following ways:

1. Mailing the information to:

Republic County Hospital
c/o Jorgensen Scholarship
2420 G Street
Belleville, KS 66935

2. E-mailing the information to:

Requested Information:

Copies of transcripts from the school you are presently attending and from any colleges, universities, or technical schools that you have previously attended.

A typed letter which summarizes your background, your goals and objectives in health care education, and why you believe you are qualified to receive a Jorgensen Scholarship.

A letter from your advisor with his/her comments regarding your eligibility, scholastic standing, and any other information relevant to this application.

Scholarship applications will be subject to the following conditions:

Employment or professional service time will commence subsequent to the attainment of the degree for which the scholarship was provided (i.e. working as an aide while attending nursing school does not fulfill the obligation of service. The service obligation will not begin until the employee is working as and nurse).

The awarding of a Jorgensen Scholarship is contingent upon not receiving a state scholarship. The Committee may make exceptions with the approval of the North Central Kansas Health Care Foundation Board of Directors.

If you are awarded a Jorgensen Scholarship you will be expected to return to work at Republic County Hospital in your chosen field as either a full-time or part-time employee. Part-time employee's hours worked will be prorated to complete the service contract. If a position is not available or you are unable to obtain work in your chosen field, you are expected to pursue your chosen health care profession in Republic County. If you do not fulfill your contractual agreement with Republic County, the scholarship must be repaid. If the scholarship is not repaid within 6 months, an interest rate of 12% will be applied to the unpaid balance per annum. The Foundation may agree to allow payments to be made over a period of time not exceeding 36 months. There is a 6 month grace period following graduation where no payment is expected.

In the event the employee leaves Republic County prior to the fulfillment of the service contract, the scholarship amount due will be prorated based upon your time of service. Interest will begin to accrue upon the end date of your employment or service.

Loan forgiveness shall be in writing form the Chairman of the Jorgensen Scholarship Committee.

Any funds advanced for programs of study that are not undertaken or completed shall be repaid to the Jorgensen Scholarship Fund.

If you need additional information or have questions or concerns about applying for a Family Health Care Scholarship, you may write to the Chairman of the Jorgensen Scholarship Committee or call 785-527-2254.

Peter H. & Nellie T. Jorgensen Scholarship
North Central Kansas Health Care Foundation
2420 G Street
Belleville, KS 66935
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