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CT Scan

Computed Tomography (CT) is a diagnostic imaging tool that uses radiation to take images of the body from many different planes.

What does CT help diagnose?

Images are taken from 360 degrees during a CT scan so providers can visualize internal organs, vessels, and bones with exceptional detail. Because CT scans quickly obtain detailed images of the body, this modality is excellent in emergency situations. CT scans also help diagnose stroke, detect internal bleeding, and many other types of traumatic injuries. It is also an excellent choice for many soft tissue and bone studies.

Clearer, faster scans - more open, comfortable patient experience

Our 64-slice scanner provides exceptional images very quickly so patients have minimal time in the scanner--which helps reduce discomfort or concern during imaging. Our leading-edge scanner has technology that removes artifacts from metals inside the body--used in joint replacements or fillings--so providers can accommodate patients with metal implants and receive clear, accurate images. Advanced technology in our scanners can also produce 3D reconstructions for a more in depth look at vessels and bones.
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