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Belleville Medical Clinic

When the Republic County Hospital board and leaders from communities across the county formed the North Central Kansas Health Care Foundation in the late 1980s, one of their first dreams was for a physicians clinic adjacent to the hospital.

That dream was realized in 1993 when the North Central Kansas Medical Arts Center opened its doors.

The 9,800 square foot clinic building was constructed with $650,000 in general obligation bonds and a $260,000 donation from Wilson and Donna Scott, founders of Scott Specialties in Belleville. The Scotts selected the name for the clinic building. Other significant donors were John Dart, who made the first contribution and oversaw the construction, and $10,000 Builders Club: in honor of Fred Swoyer, the family of Clifford Munk, Vearl & Tillie Holloway, and the Belleville Township board, in addition to numerous other donations from across Republic County.

The first occupants of the Medical Arts Center were the Belleville Medical Clinic, Drs. Duane Scott & Andy Walker; and Republic County Family Practice Physicians, Dr. Robert Holt & Dick Paige, PA. A space for a dental clinic was also finished on the lower level.

Ten years later, in 2003, the Foundation spearheaded a project to finish space on the lower level of the Medical Arts Center so the building could accommodate more physicians and the nurse practitioners, who enabled them to care for patients in their growing practices.

Today the Medical Art Center is home to Belleville Medical Clinic physicians Drs. Nolan Beavers, Kurtis Klecan, and Joshua Chapman; ARPNs Lori Rhine, Briana Jensen, and Lauren Eitzmann.

Dr. Lexia Zenger will join the physician staff in September 2025.

In March 2024 the Belleville Medical Clinic physicians and staff officially became part of Republic County Hospital with the goal to establish a Provider Based Rural Health Clinic. The clinic continues to provide patients the same services and personal relationships with their physicians.

The Medical Arts Center also provides space for the dental practice of Dr. Joseph Fischer, DDS; and a RCH Specialty Physician Clinic for wound care and electrodiagnositics/physical medicine.


2337 G Street
Belleville, KS 66935

Hours of operation:

9 AM - 5 PM

Contact Us:

Phone: 785-527-2217
Fax: 785-527-2400
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