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3D Mammography

Why is digital mammography important to health?

Mammography can help detect many breast-related illnesses, especially breast cancer. When used as a screening tool, mammography helps find tumors that cannot be felt and identifies micro-calcifications that may indicate cancer. As a diagnostic tool, a mammogram can distinguish between a mass or lump that requires further investigation, such as with biopsy, or something as simple as a cyst. Regular mammogram screenings for women starting at age 40 can save lives and protect your quality of life. If breast cancer is detected early, it is usually easier to beat and treatment options are less aggressive.

Providers may recommend screening mammography for men with a genetic mutation that increases the risk of developing the disease. Both men and women can develop breast cancer. Republic County Hospital is proud to offer 3D mammography. Our state-of-the-art 3D mammogram creates a three-dimensional image of the breast and shows the tissue in thin, one-millimeter layers, allowing a better chance to detect cancer hiding behind overlapping tissue.

Better imaging saves lives. The lives of our family, friends, and neighbors.
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